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Our Story

Redladder was started with the aim of changing the market's view of the contractor by offering a professional service that creates value. To take the service to the next level where the client feels confident that they are contracting a fair, respectful and professional service where there will be care in every detail of the process. 


Let´s forget the informal, disinterested painting services with no commitment to customer care. REDLADDER is here to revolutionize the market.

Some of our clients

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Founder & CEO

The qualities that define who we are as a company originated in people that left their home in South America and took a huge risk in coming to the land of opportunity. Loyalty, Trustworthiness, Reliability, and a Hard Work Ethic are characteristics that enabled them to succeed when the odds were against them.  These characteristics seem to be disappearing in our day when companies put “profit” ahead of “a job well done”.

Maintain a “good name” by doing a “stellar job” every time, is the only way to have a successful job. “Remember You must earn the right to live and be respected in Canada, then you will have a wonderful life for you and your love ones”. 
I believe that the best way to stay in business long term is to have complete customer satisfaction and to treat each customer as if they were family. 


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Project Manager

I have a bachelor degree in communications , Marketing and Public Relations.
I’m Enthusiastic, Energetic and Reliable person that enjoy talking and interacting with people providing the most satisfactory customer experience. 
I believe that change starts from inside. At REDLADDER we want to help you to make your home beautiful with our fast and professional services .

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